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Wolterton Verdure Wallpaper

Wolterton Verdure Wallpaper

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Design Provenance: Mid-17th Century, a suite of five Soho or Antwerp tapestries, Private Collection of Wolterton Hall Wolterton Hall is home to a suite of five fine Verdure tapestries, brought to the hall by Horatio Walpole in the mid 18th century.

Depicting the mythological love story of Venus and Adonis, the suite portrays the Goddess Venus’s attempts to seduce a handsome but reluctant young man, an illustrious narrative made famous by William Shakespeare in his 1593 poem of the same name. A gentle, elegant substrate, our linen Tableaux Scéniques make wonderfully relaxed drapery and domestic upholstery. Faithfully conveying the vibrant colourings of the design, our linens retain the graceful and natural variations organic to the textile.

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