The Watts collection of Tableaux Scéniques rewrite the rules for historical wallcoverings.

Taking antique woven tapestries and hand-painted papers, we use the most sophisticated digital photomosaic photography to gently transcribe centuries-old designs into exquisite, digitally printed panoramic textiles and papers, suitable for upholstery, drapery and wallcovering. Whilst prizing the venerable history of each design, our Studio Artists use cutting edge technology to tailor the artwork to your inspiration.

Persuading rich, historical narratives to talk again, Watts Tableaux Scéniques propel the subtleties of these age-worn designs into the 21st century.


The Tableaux Scéniques are derived exclusively from original historic sources, and many can be traced back to antique tapestries.

Through the generosity of great houses, museums, and private collections, we have a diverse and eclectic source of authentic tapestries and hand-painted papers. Watts are fortunate and proud to collaborate with the Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie, Aubusson, an organisation providing artistic creativity, training, and support to the tapestry sector.

Together we share a passion for the preservation and continuation of the age-old craftsmanship of tapestry weaving.


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Our Tableaux Sceniques are completely versatile in their creation. We are able to explore bespoke colourways, larger or smaller scales, scenes both with and without figures, and different substrates. Give us a call if you would like to speak more about your project with our design team.