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Walzin Chinoiserie

Walzin Chinoiserie

Provenance: Late-18th Century, hand painted Chinoiserie paper. Private Collection of the Château de Walzin

The late 18th century was the golden age of chinoiserie wall-coverings, but these hand-painted Chinese wallpapers sparked a fashion that lasted more than a century, and they are still very much in demand today. The enthusiasm for Chinese styles was reflected in their widespread use in 18th-century decoration. There was a playfulness and informality to the style that made chinoiserie a universally popular choice. Gifted by the Duke of Norfolk in the 1780s, this original Chinoiserie paper adorned the walls of the elegant Stoke House of Newark. A combination of highly detailed imagery and a clever use of proportion gives this chinoiserie a beguiling narrative, with flowering bamboos and trees punctuated by exotic birds.

Please note: The Walzin Chinoiserie is a bespoke version of our standardized Walzin Fleur chinoiserie. It offers a larger repeat and fully customizable design. 

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