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Tivoli Velvet

Tivoli Velvet

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A cut velvet with a proliferation of stylised peonies and chrysanthemums, the Tivoli has the lustre of polished tiger’s eyes gemstone in some lights and the tawny gold of Serengeti grass in others. The warp creates thin stripes of velvet to produce undulations of sienna golds and browns with scarlet and peach flowers. Twelve specially dyed warps threads are woven to make this incredibly intricate and sophisticated multi-coloured cut velvet.

This is a cut pile velvet with natural linen ground. Due to the weaving process there may be variations in the depth of the  pile of the velvet. The linen ground may contain natural slubs and irregularities which are a normal part of the characteristics of the fibre.



34% Cotton, 48% Silk, 18% Viscose


Roll Width


129 cm / 50.8 ins




95 cm / 37.4 ins


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