Wolterton Verdures

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Wolterton Verdures. Venus and Adonis

A fine set of five Soho or Antwerp tapestries of the mythological story of Venus and Adonis.
All within floral chain borders, each surmounted by a cockerel within a cartouche, a dog within a cartouche below, squirrels within a cartouche to the sides, and seated figures to the corners.

Tableau Scénique, Non-woven Paper
Product Reference: Wolterton Verdures Venus and Adonis
Colour: Viridarium

Wallpaper Specifications:

Weight: +/-200gr
Standard Height: 400cm (different heights available)
Standard Lateral Repeat:1785 cm 
Gross Panel Width: up to 87cm
Trimmed up to 85cm 
Number of Panels: 21
Print Allowance: Top and/or Bottom: 5-10cm