Ussé Chinoiserie Yuzu

Uss Chinoiserie Yuzu
Provenance: Late-18th Century, hand painted Chinoiserie paper, private collection of the Château d’Ussé
The late 18th century was the golden age of chinoiserie wall-coverings, but these hand-painted Chinese wallpapers sparked a fashion that lasted more than a century, and they are still very much in demand today. The enthusiasm for Chinese styles was reflected in their widespread use in 18th-century decoration. There was a playfulness and informality to the style that made chinoiserie a universally popular choice. Sourced directly from China in the late 18th Century, the Ussé Chinoiserie was purchased to adorn the languid walls of Château d’Ussé, the French castle which inspired Charles Perrault to pen his version of the famous conte de fée, Sleeping Beauty. Teeming with oriental energy, Ussé Chinoiserie depicts an astonishing botanical array, myriad fruits and leaf formations dance between elegant, patterned urns.
Ussé Chinoiserie - TSW0028-01