NEW Ussé Chinoiserie Yuzu

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Ussé Chinoiserie Yuzu

Zinging with oriental energy, Ussé Chinoiserie Yuzu is an astonishing botanical feast.
Myriad leaf formations dance between elegant, patterned urns alongisde insects, birds, flowers and fruits
in this vibrant Tableaux Scénique.


Hand Painted Paper, 18th Century
Private Collection, Château d'Ussé

Purchased directly from the orient in the 19th century, this hand painted Chinoiserie has adorned the walls
of “la chambre de la duchesse”, the Duchess's bedroom, at the Château d'Ussé of the Loire Valley
for centuries

2020 - Authentic Maximalism

Watts new Tableau Scénique, Ussé Chinoiserie Yuzu heralds this renaissance.