Jardin d'Ussé Dormant Frima

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Jardin d'Ussé Dormant Frima

Crisp, frosted foliage crackles underfoot as deer arise in the wavering light of earliest dawn. 
Woven in wonderfully muted colours, the tapestry depicts a medieval castle nestled within a gently stirring landscape. 
Jardin d’Ussé Dormant Frima celebrates the serenity and romance of nature.


A Pair of Oudenaarde Tapestries, 17th Century
Private Collection, Château d’Ussé

This exquisite pair of 17th Century Oudenaarde tapestries adorn the languid walls of
the Château d’Ussé, the French castle in the Loire Valley which inspired
Sleeping Beauty.
Tucked away in the oldest room of the Château, these tapestries have a
wonderfully medieval feel to them.
Jardin d'Ussé Dormant Frima graces the gable of Watts London Showroom.