Aristoloche Beatrix

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Private Collection, Château de Walzin
Drawn from two original sixteenth Century verdures.
“Feuilles géantes”, “Feuilles de choux”, “Verdure à feuillages crispés” or sometimes
“Feuilles d’aristoloche”… these names all characterise similar designs, featuring huge
curvy leaves, with a shredded edge, and stylised small flowers with long stems.
Iconographical tapestries typical of this period that often include birds and animals.

Tableau Scénique, Canvas backed with Non Woven Paper
Product Ref: Aristoloche 
Colour: Mazarine Blue

Wallpaper Specifications:
Weight: 440gsm
Standard Height: 300cm / 9’10”
Standard Lateral Repeat: 544cm / 17’ 10”
Panel Width, Gross: 87cm / 2’10.2” Trimmed to 85cm / 2’9.5”
Number of panels: 6+
Print Allowance: Top and Bottom: 5-10cm 1.97-3.94"