Watts 1874 Terms & Conditions



These are given only as an indication and can differ slightly from one batch to another. When a design is sold strictly by the repeat, you must indicate the number of repeats at the time of ordering.



During transportation and despite the special care taken during packing, some crushing or shine may appear on the velvet but the fabric should not be considered as faulty. Also, once a seat has been upholstered with a velvet, it may show a little variation which should be considered as normal and will disappear with the time.


Most of these velvets are susceptible to crushing especially under body weight or as a result of perspiration. This is an inherent characteristic of these fibres and cannot be considered as a defect. It is the responsibility of our professional trade clients to inform their end-user clients in advance. In addition any contact with water will permanently change the aspect of the pile.


We may be obliged to stop the production of a fabric for purely technical reasons in the course of the year without notice.


Depending on the hygrometry of the room, a variation of 3 to 5% either in the width or in the height of fabrics should be considered as normal. A small variation may also occur after dry cleaning.


Each country has its own FR regulations and each project may have different rules. It is very important to check all technical data required. Also, it is important to note that FR treatment is not permanent and has a limited duration and should basically be used only for temporary purposes.

After a fabric has been flameproofed, colours and the hand may change, and some white spots may appear on the fabric in a humid atmosphere. We therefore do not recommend such a treatment for upholstery especially.

Not all fabrics can be treated and you should contact us to check. We shall not be liable for any problem arising from treatments carried by others.


Many of our designs can be woven in TREVIRA CS or fire retardant polyester on request. Minimum quantity : 120m


Always contact us for any specific treatment needed (paperbacking, waterproof, soil-repellent treatment, aso...) as we can do some trials. Any specific treatment on a fabric may alter the quality or the colour and we are not responsible for any consequence.




Trade price exclude VAT, shipping fees  and duties

Minimum order : stock items, 1 roll or 1 metre, made to order items, please check on our pricelists or contact your sales representative.

All orders must be confirmed in writing by the purchaser. We cannot accept responsibility for any error that may occur otherwise. We reserve the right to change prices or withdraw items from our range at any time without notification. Should a special delivery be requested, the cost of this service will automatically be added to the customer’s invoice. For EU shipments, to ease the process of clearing goods at custom, we strongly recommend our customers to hold a VAT Postponement Account with their EORI no., to allow for the VAT payment to be deferred and claimed back through their regular VAT return.

Settlement Terms
Goods are payable on pro-forma basis or before the end of the month following the invoice date for accounts with a credit limit as agreed in writing by Watts 1874. For the first order, or for any customer who has not ordered for more than 2 years, payment will be strictly on a pro forma basis.

Any amount which is not paid by the due date shall automatically bear an indemnity of £40 per invoice unpaid. In the event of late payment orders may be suspended or cancelled without prejudice to any other recourse. The existence of an ongoing dispute does not exempt the payment. No right of retention or set-off may be invoked against us. In case of formal notice, the total amount will bear interest at 15% with a minimum charge of £155. The purchaser shall not be entitled to claim any right of lien or set- off. If there is any delay in payment, orders may be suspended or cancelled without notice or liability. Watts 1874 reserve the right to withdraw credit facilities without notice if payments are not made to our terms.


Goods are dispatched by the carrier of our choice on a standard delivery. Express delivery is available on request, for which there will be an extra charge. Deliveries dispatched by other transport companies at the customers request will be invoiced to the client’s account. Delivery dates for orders are given by way of indication only, and any possible delays do not in any event entitle the purchaser to claim damages and costs.

Cancellation of an order

If an order for a stock item is cancelled after a special production run has been launched, the company reserves the right to invoice the client 50% of the order value. The company will not accept a cancellation in the case of a custom production, any additional process or treatments.

Return of Goods

In the event of any cancellation for which Watts 1874 is not responsible, and in the event of any return of goods within 14 days  of the despatch date, a deduction shall be made from the value of the returned goods, equivalent to 20% of the invoice value. Goods to be returned must be in perfect condition, in their original packaging, uncut and goods which have been specially produced or which have been treated in any way may not be returned. Goods may only be returned if the customer receives express permission in writing from Watts 1874 and the cost of carriage in both directions will be invoiced to the customer. All returns are to be sent back to the Watts 1874 Showroom in London  or the warehouse at the client’s expenses (unless otherwise advised). We cannot accept returns on any order that requires special finishing, processing or manufacturing (fabrics, wallpaper).

Reservation of title clause

The vendor shall retain title to the goods until full payment has been made of the price thereof and any incidental items. Any failure to pay any of the sums when they are due may lead to the goods being claimed. These provisions shall not prevent the risks of loss and deterioration in the goods which are sold, together with any damage that they may cause, being transferred to the purchaser on delivery.


Our goods are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of one year after the invoice date, assuming normal usage and that the care instructions have been correctly observed. Consequently, no claim will be accepted after the above guarantee period, and the following conditions shall apply :
- The customer shall be the sole judge as to the choice, destination, use and implementation of our products; our customers are professionals and are solely liable for the possible result and consequences which may arise there of. Accordingly, it is the buyers responsibility to exercise their skill and judgment regarding the usage of the goods and making up of the goods.
- It is not always possible to guarantee that the colour of the samples supplied will match the colour of the delivered goods, and any failure to do so shall not constitute a fault on the part of the supplier. If the customer wishes to ensure an exact colour match prior to delivery, a stock cutting and reserve must be requested.
- It is essential to inspect the goods within 10 days of delivery and within 24h for VELVETS, to also ensure that they have the correct reference, are the correct quantity and colour, and have no possible defects. In accordance with normal trade practices, no fabric can be taken back if it has been made up or even merely cut. Opened rolls of wallpaper cannot be returned unless faulty. Our liability is strictly limited to the invoice value of our goods. In the case of damaged or un-inspected goods it is vital to sign with the courier as Damaged or Un-inspected. Otherwise no claim will be accepted.

- The dimensional stability of fabrics is variable. It is inherent in the composition and texture of those fabrics and cannot constitute grounds for a claim. Our customers, who are professional interior decorators and who are aware of the materials used in our products and their intended use, must take all normal precautions when using them, for example in the case of certain wall coverings which are to be applied in a damp atmosphere or with a slight spray; these usual precautions vary according to whether the climate is dry or damp.

- All our fabrics have been designed in order to withstand the light, compatible with normal decorating practice. However, exposure to air and ageing inevitably cause the colours to deteriorate over a period of time. Exposure to ultraviolet and infrared light should be avoided as there is no way of protecting against these phenomena.

- Wear and tear is an inevitable phenomenon connected with how intensely our products are used. We guarantee our products against unusually early wear under normal conditions of use according to the individual texture of each article and provided that it was fitted in accordance with the rules of the art as practiced in the decorating trade. - Our goods are manufactured to high quality standards. However, in certain circumstances, visual defects or slight imperfections may appear while still remaining within the standards accepted by the trade.

- If we are involved in carrying out additional treatments on a contract basis on any of our goods at the customer’s request, we cannot guarantee against the possible side effects which may appear because of such treatments.

- Whether our products are removable (curtains, bedspreads) or fixed (seats, wall coverings), they must be maintained by a professional dry cleaner. In case of doubt as to the expected result of the cleaning and as to the possibility of shrinkage, it is necessary to carry out a prior test. If a fabric which has been given a water or stain-repellent treatment, for example with a fluoridated product, is being cleaned, the specialist should be notified of this at the time of the cleaning.

- Please note that certain fabrics with a PVC or polyurethane coating in a light colour (white, cream, beige etc) may show indelible marks as a result of darker colours (which

have not been fixed) transferring from an article of clothing or other item which comes into contact with the coated fabric.

  • Shiny effects, particularly in velvets or some viscose materials, are natural phenomena; the deeper the pile, the more apparent is the shine. The results of marking, or creasing on velvet materials, not only as a consequence of use but possibly appearing at the time of fitting, are also natural phenomena; no claim will be accepted against Watts 1874 in that respect. It is the duty of the decorator, designer or any other advisor or project manager to give advice which takes precedence with the consumer in choosing our products. Our fabrics must never be applied directly on the filling of seats, whatever material it is (polyether, polyurethane of latex foam). If the fitting is entrusted to a subcontractor, he must be notified of our conditions and all the above information and instructions.
  • Regarding wallpapers : before hanging, check that rolls are not damaged and that all the rolls come from the same batch. Please contact us regarding any faulty rolls and send us the reference details as well as a sample. Return any defective roll with its label to where it was purchased. Please check hanging instructions as well as the type of glue we recommend. Please check motif is correctly hung, no claim can be accepted for hanging incorrectly.

Wear and tear

During the one year guarantee period, and in the event that our liability is acknowledged, a 30% factor for wear and tear will be applied after 6 months use, in respect of any request for a refund or a replacement.


In the event of any dispute, these terms are governed by English law.