Handmade and Bespoke

Gimps, Galloons, Satinings, Spangles, Soutaches and limace de spirals might sound like the names of fairy-tale hobgoblins and wood sprites, but they are actually part of the evocative etymology of Passementerie. Watts beautiful tassels and trims continue to be handmade using the same ancient traditions. With a resurgent desire in the interior world to embellish, use colour, and embrace pattern, passementerie is the perfect choice to fill a room with delight.

  • Masterfully dyed colours shine in every interior

  • Handmade using ancient traditions from 200 years ago

  • Add the final touch to your Watts fabric

  • Intricate details provide unmatched quality

  • Tailored to your exact specifications and needs

  • Featured in multiple films and television shows

  • Complex and dynamic pairings

  • Bespoke process allow for creations that are as subtle or bold as you desire