Introducing Our New Blog and Reliving Our History of Interior Design

The other day in the showroom, a client graciously asked us how we've been doing during the pandemic. Our response was one shared by many - it has been a dark time, most certainly. However, it also got us thinking: hasn’t Watts persevered through both joy and sorrow for over a century throughout history? Watts of Westminster was founded in 1874 by the practicing architects and designers, George Frederick Bodley, George Gilbert Scott, and Thomas Garner. The founders originally supplied the entire range of interior furnishings for both houses and churches. However, as the political and religious climate changed, so did the boundaries of interior design. Bodley, Scott, and Garner championed the transformation of the Anglican Church in their choice of designs, and their avant-garde vestments were considered both “fashionable and rebellious” during this key moment in history.

Our history as an organisation is intertwined with that of interior design itself, but this progression did not consist of only fanciful fabrics and elaborate wall coverings. It also consisted of two World Wars; rapid industrialisation; worker strikes; the stock market crash of 1929; the decline of the British Empire; another stock market crash in 2008; and drastic changes to parliamentary leadership and the line of royal succession.

While we don’t have enough space to list all the events that Watts has navigated since 1874, our morale remains one of perseverance, passion, and - we must admit - a hint of stubbornness. We have persevered before, and we will continue to do so now. Furthermore, we will use our designs to inspire a joy and hopefulness that is so desperately needed at this time.

In the spirit of history, we have decided to devote some of our time each week to documenting our story here at Watts of Westminster. From close-up details of the textiles on display in our showroom, to behind-the-scenes looks into the quirky shenanigans of our talented staff, to the immaculate designs of our clients, to tales from the archives of our foundations - we will be documenting it all here on our blog, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Introducing Our New Blog and Reliving Our History of Interior Design

G.F. Bodley (Left), George Gilbert Scott (Middle), and his father George Gilbert Scott the Elder (Right)



We are excited to share our past and continued history, and we hope to hear from you!

Comment on our Instagram post to tell us about your oldest and longest lasting piece of decor. What’s your most cherished timepiece that has persevered throughout the ages?


Introducing Our New Blog and Reliving Our History of Interior Design

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