Classically Upside Down

Classically Upside Down

Lately, we've been asking ourselves an important question: what does it mean to have "classic" designs? We are nearly 150 years old at Watts, and we enjoy sharing the stories that have led the ecclesiastical Watts & Co and the secular Watts of Westminster up to this point. But does something have to be old to be classic?

We think classic is a mindset, not an age. Our textiles, wallpapers, Tableaux Sceniques, and passementerie continue to honour our founders and remain historically accurate. However, we also work with amazing designers every day to push the boundaries of today's interior design. We love thinking outside the box, creating bold new colourways, and strategically placing an 18th century Damask on the walls of a kitchen where a 21st century coffee machine will instantly produce a shot of espresso out of a biodegradeable pod.

We love being creative, and we love being classic. 

And if there's anything that we've learned about the interior design business during such a difficult time of history, it's this: even when it seems like the world has turned upside down, classic still looks good. 

Classically Upside Down

If you could have any colour in your interior, what would you choose? For inspiration, take a look at our c. 1877 Hermitage Tambour, shown in the picture above. It's a design conceived by our founder G.F. Bodley, but it's also one of our boldest and brightest! 

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Classically Upside Down

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