Shaped by the eclectic, heady aesthetics of Victorian London, Watts of Westminster has always had a love-affair with innovation, creativity and collaboration.

Spanning 600 years of historic design, our archive is our primary source of inspiration. From re-creating a historic textile, to adding a bold, modern twist to period design, we believe that an element of tradition is the key to formulating a timeless and enduring interior. 

The Watts1874 team are true experts at what we do. Our long-standing creative director, Fiona, is an imitable figure within the world of interior design. Her creativity knows no bounds; it is the limitlessness of Fiona’s artistic mind and the sharpness of her discerning eye, which fuel the unique ethos found at Watts1874. With decades of experience and an enviable portfolio of worldwide projects, with us you can relax and enjoy in the creative process.

"There are no rules" - Fiona Flint, Creative Director



At Watts1874 we are able to modify our production techniques to suit your requirements, whether that means altering the colour, adapting the composition or transferring the design to Trevira CS.
Often with low minimum meterage, we create multiple trials for your approval, to ensure you are entirely happy with the end result. 
If you see a design that you would like to modify, or for more information on minimum meterages, simply get in touch with a member of the team.


The concept of the bespoke is at the heart of Watts. We are proud to have worked with countless great houses, public buildings, luxury hotels and important historic buildings to create (or re-create) bespoke fabrics, trimmings and wallpapers.
Protecting the integrity of tradition whilst respecting the needs of modern living, we unite cutting edge technology and traditional methods alike to actualize your vision.


Our Passementerie is 100% bespoke. Designed, dyed and hand made to order, we are able to create trimmings in any colouring or finish you desire, from the tiniest cord to a giant 2 metre tassel.

For more information or to enquire about creating a bespoke product please contact us here.


Projects – for us, there is simply nothing better. From developing the initial seed of thought to seeing the finishing touches being made, at Watts we work with you to advise, support and help you create your own unique space. 
In our unique Conceptual Design Consultations we listen, debate, exchange and work closely our products to uncover exactly what it is that you are looking for. Proposing preliminary visions specific to each space, we work with you to select and modify the products and procedures that you love.
Nothing can replace real connection - w
e understand that sometimes we need to be in a space to really "get" it. Here at Watts we are able to conduct site visits across the world (pandemic permitting) to help perfect your project.
What can you expect from Watts1874 Interior Design Consultancy?
... a whole load of creativity! Once we have a established comprehensive design proposal… product specification spreadsheets, mood boards, samples, endless visual media and (if required) elevations and artwork. Email exchanges, phone calls and Whatsapps abound. Your project truly becomes our world.