Our Studio

Our Studio

I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else … Pablo Picasso

A room should be open to all sorts of possibilities and we like it when someone strays into our Watts world on the third floor of the Design Centre. What can I do for you… and so it begins, like a dance at court. The exchange is either sedate and dignified, or flirty and comical………. Will you fall for our charms or is the experience so unsettling that you will need to hastily retreat to the calm of your oasis of cool neutral.

Watts offers you the opportunity to create...
To weave your dreams into cloth and to paper the walls with your imagination.

"I like to layer and juxtapose patterns to create energy
I see pattern everywhere Pattern is part of life. Italian Damask, French toile, English chintz in each pattern you can trace a whole world. Every culture develops its own characteristic patterns, embedded with centuries of history and tradition. Pattern holds memories.

I have no fear of colour
Colour can expand a space or turn a small room into a jewel box.
Colour is my accent , my punctuation. Colour for me is a painterly process. Drawing from the great masters I have learnt from Tiepolo the purity of celestial blues, from Raphael intensity of tone and from Caravaggio the delight in the mysteries of dark and light.

Colour has a symbiotic relationship with place and for everyone certain places are associated with certain colours.

Scale - is that object too big or too small for the space?

Fiona Flint Creative Director

Make it and love it. Custom, bespoke, made to order - call it what you will - this is the essence of what Our Studio do best.
Watts can conceptualise, design, create initial trials, and oversee the weaving or printing of a totally unique piece.

The Historic House
Working with the historic house we have successfully fulfilled many commissions for the supply of the authentic replacement for that worn out original very special piece, whether it is a figured, velvet, a hand flocked wallpaper or a trim for James II's chair.

The Hospitality Market
The luxury global hospitality market is increasingly needy. The development of boutique hotels, and the subsequent downturn in the previous habitual appeal of a neutral décor, has encouraged a move towards the introduction of a far more elaborate decorative aesthetic.

Interior designers previously only working within the high residential market are now commissioned and championed as the designer of a specific project - almost on a par with a chef. Key proponent of this is Jacques Garcia.

This has transformed an otherwise stereotypical market. At Watts we have the product - an archive - that is eminently appropriate in scale, ambition and diversity to characterize a space. Our clients are numerous and well known Soho House, the Sydell Group, Smiths, and many private members clubs, Annabel’s, Five Hertford Street, and Oswalds. For this prime market we undertake to adapt the standard product to fulfill the criteria and regulations stipulated.

Bespoke @ Watts what does choice mean to you? To us, it means that the only limits are those of your imagination. In a world inundated by the mass produced we offer you the exclusive Remember, inspiration is free...

Working with the Watts Studio your originality can be realised