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We offer three different types of wallpaper; handblocked, surface printed and digitally printed. 
All of our designs can be custom coloured and re-scaled, and we are also able to originate any design.


Selecting and Colouring Your Design
All of our hand-blocked wallpaper designs can be found in a downloadable black and white PDF -
Once you have selected a design, you can then select from one to seven colours, depending on which design has been selected. 
As the blocks are hand-coloured, we can use colour references from a wide variety of sources, including paint charts, other 
wall coverings and fabrics.

Ordering Trials
Trials of the hand-blocked and digital wallpapers cost £75 ex. VAT.

Minimum Order
The minimum order for hand-blocked wallpapers is 8 rolls, for stock wallpapers 1 roll, and for digital wallpapers 24 rolls.

Lead Time
Rolls are usually produced between 4 – 6 weeks.

Given the wide variety of options, all orders are priced individually. A member of our design team will provide you with a 
quotation once you have selected your pattern and colour options.

Watts can originate a hand-blocked wallpaper based on any design. The process is the same as for a standard hand-blocked wallpaper, 
except that there is an extra charge for creating the artwork and cutting a new block. All projects will be individually priced.
Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen