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Design library

Bringing together traditional methods, an archive of historical designs, and a range of contemporary colours, our hand-blocked wallpapers are a sumptuous statement for any room. We use the original handmade pear wood blocks and rollers, rare and beautiful items in their own right, to produce our papers the traditional way. A range of designs with a variety of scales and styles, and the ability to produce rolls in any colour, give the potential to transform the distinctive into the truly unique.


c.1860 A Northern European Gothic inspired trellis design, originally printed in rich earth colours. It has a finer decorative detail than its Pugin English counterpart.

Production – Hand Block
Paper Type – 100% Paper
Minimum Order – 8 Rolls

Colour Hatfield
Code W0008-05
Repeat 29cm
Pattern Geometric
Width 53cm
Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen