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Design library

Bringing together traditional methods, an archive of historical designs, and a range of contemporary colours, our hand-blocked wallpapers are a sumptuous statement for any room. We use the original handmade pear wood blocks and rollers, rare and beautiful items in their own right, to produce our papers the traditional way. A range of designs with a variety of scales and styles, and the ability to produce rolls in any colour, give the potential to transform the distinctive into the truly unique.

Bird Burrows

c.1871 Derived from the bird and flower type of 18th century Chinese wallpaper, designs intended for rooms of small proportions, this Scott the Younger design is strengthened by a closely observed naturalism.
Production – Hand Block
Paper Type – 100% Paper
Minimum Order – 8 Rolls

Colour Gold Paradise
Code W0009-01
Repeat 49 cm
Pattern Floral
Width 53 cm
Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen