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Zardi and Zardi

“Sharing a passion for the rich design of the past and a desire to reinvigorate and revive it for the present, Watts of Westminster and Zardi & Zardi make natural partners.”
Zardi & Zardi specialise in the production of high-end wallpaper and fabric featuring designs from their portfolio of historic tapestries, sourced from both public and private collections, including the V&A, National Trust and Dumfries House.
Together with Watts, Zardi & Zardi have recently developed a range of panoramic, mural-style wallpapers, drapery and wall-hangings. The designs are printed onto high-quality wallpaper or linen using the latest digital print technology.
Zardi & Zardi provide a bespoke, professional service in the creation of museum-grade reproductions of antique tapestries, working with leading curators, historic houses and the TV & film industry.
Our pieces can also be altered and scaled to the proportions of your room. We work closely with our clients on each project to create a unique, custom piece that fulfils your specific requirements.

Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen