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Gimps, Galloons, Satinings, Spangles, Soutaches and limace de spirals, might sound like the names of fairy-tale hobgoblins and wood sprites but are actually part of the evocative etymology of Passementerie. Watts beautiful tassels and trims continue to be handmade using the same ancient traditions. Whatever you wish, with a resurgent desire in the interior world to embellish, use colour, and embrace pattern, passementerie is the perfect antidote to a world of increasing homogeneity.


Mozart Double Tassel

We have recoloured one of our favourite tiebakcs – the  Mozart Double Tassel Tieback

Made by hand with techniques from 200 years ago

All yarn is dyed to colour by the Master Dyer – a magician wielding his baton, stirring vats and cauldrons, achieving a fabric match that is near to perfection. By his side are an army of craftsmen skilled in their own metier. The wood turner, hand turning and carving wooden decorative pieces, the cable makers, winding and spinning fancy lines, cords and rope; small groups clustered round wooden tables making meticulously tight and fine flowers, and other elements to hang from the passementerie. And of course the weavers, the princes of the workshop, artists and mathematicians at the same time. In this time machine the ancient traditions of hand making are alive and flourishing producing the most complex, the most outrageously intricate and opulent passementerie seen since the days of Versailles.

Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen