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Carla Van De Puttelaar Artfully Dressed: Women in the art world

Carla Van De Puttelaar

Artfully Dressed: Women in the art world

The Weiss Gallery  16 – 31 May 201


From 16 – 31 May 2018, The Weiss Gallery will hold one of its most unique exhibitions to date: ‘Artfully Dressed: Women in the Art World’, portraits by Carla van de Puttelaar. Sixty photographs of some of the most influential women in the art world today will be shown.

Amongst those sixty sitters, described by Carla as  ‘’Powerful, beautiful and so bright…’  – is Marie Severine de Caraman de Chimay, descendant of George Gilbert Scott Jr.,  wrapped in sumptuous historic silks from Watts of Westminster, Marie Severine is the fifth generation of the Scott – dynasty of great architects – to head up this family firm.


Carla Van De Puttelaar talks to Watts of Westminster 

The World Of Interiors June 2018 – Annabel’s

Annabel’s Entry Hall – Life size plaster Pegasus by George Jackson, suspended from a Jules Verne-inspired silk hot air balloon in the light well above. Saddle trimmed with Watts hot orange ‘bouffant’ bullion fringe, and Pegasus, not to be out done has the same hot orange tassel detail round his knees and fetlocks.  The balloon and basket are equally gorgeously decked out with hot orange, saffron and tasty ivory tassels.

IMG_0290 new

Annabel’s Ground Floor Dining Room



Martin Brudnizki Design Studio        Talking to Watts of Westminster

Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen