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Think tradition and rule-breaking make awkward confidantes? Think again. At Watts, we dislike the idea of creative constraints, standardised rules or unbreakable historic conventions. That is why we excel at bespoke. Whilst many of our designs have illustrious pasts (and work faultlessly with a period restoration project), we truly believe this should not be an obstacle to experimentation, ingenuity and innovation. After all, creativity and originality are most definitely close companions of variety. Take the story of ‘Pear’ for instance. A flock wallpaper originally created in 1735 for the Queen’s drawing room at Hampton Court, redrawn by Bodley in 1885, and then re-coloured – ‘Pear’ might have been forgiven for thinking that it was secure in its identity as a rather richly adorned wall-hanging. Not so. Since its first incarnation, ‘Pear’ has also been scaled-up to gargantuan proportions, scaled-down, transformed into a linen textile, transformed into a shimmering silk, and even converted into a rug – enough to give it quite a personality complex one might think! Its next re-incarnation could be completely up to you…. With endless options for creativity and a dedicated and experienced design team able to work with you at every stage of a project, bespoke at Watts is an accessible and attainable choice. Indeed, the minimum order for nearly all wallpapers is only 12 rolls and in most circumstances the turnaround for a bespoke order is between six to eight weeks. Simply contact us with details of your project and your furnishing needs, and we can begin...



Using innovative yet traditional techniques in combination with versatile designs, 
we can create our fabrics in any colour and in weights suitable for both drapery and upholstery.


The minimum order for fabrics varies between 10m and 120m, please contact our sales team 
for further information at [email protected] or +44 (0) 207 376 4486.

Trials cost £75 ex. VAT.

Bespoke fabrics cost an additional 20% on top of the original price.

Lead Time
The lead time is between 4 – 6 weeks.
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