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Carla Van De Puttelaar talks to Watts of Westminster 



What inspired you to use Watts of Westminster fabrics for your photography?


One of the sitters, Amelia Higgins, Project Manager of London Art Week, introduced me to Watts of Westminster and wanted to be portrayed in these beautiful fabrics. She brought me in contact with Marie-Severine who immediately was enthusiastic and lent me a large array of incredible fabrics, which I could also use for other sitters. Draping these the fabrics around the bodies in beautiful curves became a great joy for me and proofed to be an extra source of inspiration to the creative portrait process. I suddenly felt a close bond to painters like Van Dyck and Lely imagining how they perceived the forms in light and shadow, the shimmering of silk, the flowing lines of the materials.



What was your inspiration behind photographing Marie- Severine de Caraman Chimay?


When I saw Marie-Severine, I was struck by her liveliness and passion for her company. I instantly had the idea of photographing her amidst many of her fabrics. So when she came I asked her to lay down on one of the fabrics that I had put on the floor and then I decorated all the fabrics, ribbons, ringes and tassels around her like a piece of art in itself. For me Artfully Dressed also conveys the creative way to use fabrics and clothing in my portraiture.



Your photography style is very interesting, what emotions are you trying to portray by controlling the light and darkness in your photography?


My first objective is to portray the sitter in an intense way. To capture the ‘soul’ and the ‘magical moment’ in which the gaze, posture, the fabrics/clothing and very importantly light and shadow work together in the best possible way. As an artist/portraitist I observe people. and make a connection with the personality of the sitter and what I find interesting to capture, this I want to show in the ultimate portrait. And it is my aim that although it is my own style, each portrait is different as shows the individuality of a person through my eyes.


Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen