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British interior designer Kim Partridge is more used to creating homes for private clients then refurbishing luxury hotels, but when one of those clients, businessman and race horse owner JP McManus,  turned hotelier she was the obvious choice for the makeover.

‘I needed hundreds of fabrics and wallpapers for Adare Manor’s 105 bedrooms and six public rooms’, she says, ‘so it was invaluable to have the Harbour close by- the showrooms cover every tier from wall coverings and upholstery right down to trimmings and they are all in one place’.

In the Gallery, the vast Wall Hangings are the work of Zardi&Zardi. Based on a set of four tapestries depicting the feast of Bacchus, these hangings were digitally printed onto linen. ‘I was in and out of Watts of Westminster all the time, tweaking threads and colours with Fiona’ says Partridge.’That’s the great thing about the Harbour, you can see people with the right expertise very quickly’.

Adare Manor, Zardi & Zardi Tapestries
Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen