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Archives: December 2016

Watts of Westminster in the Kimberley Expertise Showroom in Moscow

We are so delighted to announce that the splendours of Watts' fabrics, wallpapers and passementerie will again be 
displayed in the Kimberley Expertise showroom in Moscow!

119034 Moscow, Lva Tolstogo Street, 23/7, Stroenie 3, Entrance 3.

For all Russian enquiries please contact +7 926 6987132 - Alexander Rogalskij. Email: [email protected] 
Or if you would prefer continue to email Fiona Flint in London [email protected] 


Zardi & Zardi Tapestry features in Homes & Gardens Magazine

'Bataille Angels' a beautiful 17th century tapestry from Zardi & Zardi, features in Homes & Gardens Magazine's December issue!

One of two panels that derive from the oldest surviving medieval set of tapestries, 'The Apocalypse of St. John'. Commissioned by Louis 1, 
Duke of Anjou, in 1375 to decorate the walls of his castle at Angers, they were woven in the Paris workshops of Nicolas Bataille, the most 
famous weaver of the day. The tapestries are notable for the combination of lively narrative and finely observed detail.
Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen