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Archives: June 2014

Ravenna Powder Rose

The Ravenna Powder Rose wallpaper – hand blocked in such a beautifully elegant colour way. Recoloured for the English National Opera ‘Powder her Face’, the Ravenna design is a 17th Century design by H.H.Mott, who was increasingly used by Bodley to execute the company’s highly detailed work after the departure of Garner.

Sunflower Wallpaper Anniversary Orange

This design was originally coloured in terracotta. It is a naturalistic design forming part of the earlier work by Bodley, showing the influence of William Morris. A many coloured rendering of this design was embroidered in the 1870’s by George Gilbert Scott’s wife on a bedspread which is still in use.


Delicate edwardian silk lampas

Tuileries Wallpaper

Each tiny rose and thistle is rendered in exquisite detail in the Tuileries, creating a meadow of dusky blue, pink, lilac and yellow blossoms laced with moss green leaves. Passiflora, roses and carnation pinks are etched so that you can see the hand of the artist against a watermarked ground in 6 colours, from Picture Perfect Blue to Old Plaster Pink.

D’Urberville Wallpaper

We couldn’t resist reinventing one of our favourite French papers in gorgeous new colours for this collection.

Wild roses frame pastoral vignettes in the enchanting D’Urberville so that the countryside scenes within them remain permanently in the bloom of summer. 
 Dripping from graceful Rococo moulding, the flowers seem part of the period architecture itself, faded and old-fashioned but no less beautiful than they were in the 18th century.

Available in 9 colours, from Merlot Red to Chanel Silver.

Watts of Westminister, © 2019, Created by Blackpen