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Archives: December 2012


Watts of Westminster is pleased to introduce the NEW Portia – Sunstone. Like an intense Riviera sunset after a scorching hot day or the sun reflected off a roof of terracotta pantiles, Portia Sunstone radiates a glowing warmth with little golden foliate tendrils chasing flame-like across the fabric surface.


For those who have ever wondered how gimp cords, beech wood and passementerie machines straight out of Diderot’s Encyclopédie might combine to create Sevinch’s intricate passementerie creations, last weeks event ‘A Passion for Passementerie’ (hosted by Watts1874), was an enlightening and fascinating experience.

Sevinch’s husband, Michael described how a solitary tassel in a Cairo Bazaar was the initial inspiration for the founding of what is now undoubtedly one of the premier bespoke passementerie ateliers in the world. Remarkably, despite a overall decline in traditional passementerie skills throughout the world, not only have Sevinch actually increased the number of skilled passementerie artisans in Egypt, they are also able to produce passementerie of a comparable quality to that of the nineteenth century – little wonder therefore that Sevinch passementerie is found in such venerable spaces as the Wallace Collection and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Michael revealed that such high standards are the result of each individual production process being completed by hand. A Sevinch bullion fringe for instance, often contains over 200 strands per metre with each individual strand being twisted by hand. Additionally, any extra embellishments (such as jasmine) might require several wooden elements (each hand carved on a wooden lathe), intricately hand woven knot-work and the use of custom dyed yarn. So next time you catch yourself thinking of passementerie as merely a trimming for a beautiful material, remember that Sevinch passementerie is an art-form more than worthy of a central role in a beautiful interior……

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